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The Hockey Graphic Exchange
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A community to share and exchange graphics and icons from the NHL or of general ice hockey.
This community is designated for hockey-related graphics. Its primary function is to give users a central location in which to share and advertise their work as well as a place for hockey fans seeking hockey-related icons a place to find them.

Community membership is open and anyone is free to start posting. There are no requirements to join (besides common sense) nor is there any experience needed for you to contribute.

;; posting & commenting
If you plan to post, you need to share at least one (1) hockey-related graphic. Anyone is free to leave a comment.
;; keep it simple, stupid
If you have 3 or more icons to share, the lj cut tag can be found HERE. Use it, know it, love it. Fake cuts are allowed provided you know how to do them.
;; stay classy, hockey fans.
Cheerful ribbing in graphics are allowed, but there are certain lines that shouldn't be crossed with regards to a team or a player. Keep that kind of crap to yourself.
;; respect belongs to everyone.
Outright player, team or people bashing here will get you what stupidity gets you at any hockey arena, a sharp kick out the door. We're all mature, sensible hockey fans. Show it.
;; q&a.
For now you can ask me @ damodred